Donation to Meilene Village

Around thirty residents and staff of Meilene Village gathered in the TV Room for the official handover of their replacement 150cm plasma TV and blue ray DVD player. The Lodge, with the generous assistance of the Board of Benevolence and its dollar for dollar subsidy scheme, purchased the equipment to replace those stolen. An identical presentation plaque is fixed to the DVD player which is locked away when not in use.

Baldwin Swamp Smoko & Lunch

Bundaberg Lodge holds a smoko and lunch function at Baldwin Swamp on a regular basis and generally attract around 30 members, wives, partners, mothers and friends.  This photo was taken at a function held on 17/11/13

Masonic Widows Afternoon Tea 2013

Mulgrave Lodge No 44 hosts an afternoon tea for Masonic widows in Bundaberg and the surrounding district.  Freemasons and their wives attend and pay a nominal fee to cover the costs of the afternoon.  A small gift is presented to each widow.  The gifts are organized by Sharon Rechenberg, wife of Robert Rechenberg, Secretary of Mulgrave Lodge.  Much of the organization of the event is undertaken by W Bro Merv King, also a member of Mulgrave Lodge.  The afternoon tea was held at Café 1928 in the Botanical Gardens, North Bundaberg on 12/10/13.  This function is always well attended and the widow’s appreciate being remembered.  The photo was taken by VW Bro Brennan, Worshipful Master of Bundaberg Lodge, with Hinkler House as a backdrop.

RACQ Careflight Donation

The Bundaberg Lodge Ladies Committee donated funds to Bundaberg Lodge for the purchase of two specialized flight crew jackets for the RACQ rescue helicopter.  With the assistance of the dollar for dollar subsidy from the Board of Benevolence, the jackets were purchased by the Lodge at a cost of $1,343-00.  John Kennedy, RACQ Rescue Helicopter Bundaberg Base Manager and aircrew officer fits one of the jackets to Dot McCloskey at the handover presentation on 08/10/13.

2013 Installation

The Worshipful Master, VW Bro Bevan Brennan and wife Elizabeth cut the cake at the Lodge while WBro John Rimmington looks on with delight. The installation was held on 17/08/13.  It is Bevan’s 8th time in the Chair.

Pulse Oximeter donation to Bundaberg Health Services Foundation

W Bro John Rimmington, Immediate Past Master of Bundaberg Lodge presents one of two pulse oximeters, purchased by the Lodge with dollar for dollar subsidy assistance from the Board of Benevolence, to Maria Burnet of Bundaberg Health Services Foundation’s Rotary House at the Lodge Installation on 17/08/13.  Total cost of the two instruments was $2,420-00.

60 Year Jewel Presentation

W Bro Dudley Garrett presents Bro Les Mathiesen with his 60 year jewel on 23/07/13.

Widow's Brooch Presentation

W Bro John Rimmington, Worshipful Master of Bundaberg Lodge presents a Masonic Widow’s Pin (Widow’s Brooch) to Barbara Kruger at a Lodge social function at Baldwin Swamp on 19/05/13.

2011 School Bursary Recipient

Each year the secretary of Bundaberg Lodge No. 472 contacts a State School in the area and asks that a student, meeting guidelines provided by the Lodge, and who would derive the most benefit from the assistance of a bursary, be selected from the students in their final year at primary school. 

Branyan Road State School was selected for 2011 and the Principal, Mr. Jeff Irwin, and staff chose Brandon Hartland as a worthy recipient of the $250-00 bursary.  A cheque is made out to the Secondary School the student is to attend, in this case Bundaberg State High School, and payment of accounts is managed by the school. 

The Bursary Certificate was presented to Brandon the Wor. Master, Wor. Bro. John Rimmington, at the school during the students awards presentation ceremony on the afternoon of Thursday, December 8th 2011.

W Bro. John Rimmington, Worshipful Master of Bundaberg Lodge No. 472 presents bursary recipient Brandon Hartland with a certificate acknowledging his receipt of the Bursary.  The certificate reads in part, text provided by the Principal; “A student who is a hardworking, consistent academic performer who models Branyan Road State School’s values in an exemplary manner, and who is supportive of his peers.”

Bundaberg Health Services Foundation

Bundaberg district Masonic Lodge members have not only helped a fellow seriously ill member with the purchase of a piece of medical equipment – but also help local patients.

Cedric Bartlett, a Masonic Lodge member for 46 years, has terminal lung cancer and needed an oxygen concentrator to continue his very active attendance at Lodge meetings. His fellow Freemasons, who are known worldwide for their generosity and moral upstanding, came to his aid. However they also wanted to ensure that the equipment would help others in the future and it will eventually be donated to the Bundaberg Health Services Foundation and used by patients accessing services at Bundaberg Hospital.

Secretary of the Bundaberg Lodge 472 Bevan Brennan said a number of lodges had donated funds which was matched $1 for $1 by the Masonic Benevolence Society to cover the cost of the $4700 concentrator.

The Lodges included Bundaberg 472, Tyrian 27, Mulgrave 44, Athole 53, Isis 93, Ballantyne 130, Biggenden 136, Lee Bryce 142, Sir Augustus 154 and Continuity 242. Mr Bartlett is a member or affiliate member of four of those Lodges.

“Cedric is a well-respected brother of our organisation and the heavy concentrator he was using was restricting his ability to remain an active member of not only the Lodge but also life in general,’’ Mr Brennan said. “This portable oxygen concentrator makes life a lot easier for Cedric and we wanted to help our brother during this difficult time,’’ Mr Brennan said. And given the Freemasons are very generous in their donations and support of their local community Mr Brennan said the members wanted to eventually donate the equipment to the hospital so it would help other people in their time of need.

Foundation chairman Janet Tallon said this self-less act by the Freemasons to help a fellow member was indicative of what their group and members stood for. “Their central preoccupation remains charitable work within their local or wider communities and their fraternal friendship which is evident in this gesture to not only Mr Bartlett but also for our patients in the future,’’ she said. One of the missions of the Foundation is to help provide medical equipment (non-Government funded) to Bundaberg Hospital.

For more information on donating to the Foundation please phone 4150 2863. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Standing L to R – VW Bro Bevan Brennan, Lee Bryce Lodge; W Bro Clive Johnson – Athole Lodge; VW Bro Peter DeMerlo – Isis Lodge;
W Bro John Rimmington – Bundaberg Lodge; W Bro Derek Brown – Sir Augustus Lodge; W Bro Col Hay – Ballantyne Lodge.
Seated, Maria Burnet – Bundaberg Health Services Foundation; W Bro Ced Bartlett – Bundaberg Lodge.

Seventeen of the eighteen freemasons and wives (someone had to take the photo) who
attended the official presentation of the $4,700-00 oxygen concentrator to W Bro Bartlett.

Masonic Widows Afternoon Tea 2011

Each year, Mulgrave Lodge No 44 hosts an afternoon tea for their Masonic widows and other Lodges are invited to attend and bring their widows.  This year, 2011, thirty-two freemasons, wives and widows attended the afternoon tea which was at the café at the botanic gardens, North Bundaberg. 

The widows gained a new member in Mrs Marlene Warmington, who accepted an invitation to attend the afternoon’s activities.  Marlene’s husband was a member of Lee Bryce Lodge.  A highlight of the afternoon was a ride around the gardens in one of the steam trains operating at the gardens. 

A special thanks to Mrs Sharon Rechenberg, whose husband Bob is the current Master of Mulgrave Lodge.  Sharon does a wonderful job of organizing the afternoon each year.  W Bro Merv King also deserves mention for his efforts in chasing up everyone.

Lake Ellen Soft Fall Project

A new section of poured rubberized soft fall has replaced a former area of chip bark fall protection at the Lake Ellen playground in George Street, Bundaberg, which was washed away and the area damaged by the Christmas 2011 floods.

The $64,500-00 project for the Bundaberg Regional Council has been funded by the Most Worshipful Grand Master’s Flood and Cyclone Appeal which he established after the flooding and further damage caused by cyclone Yasi. The Grand Master called on Queensland freemasons to raise $1,000,000-00 for his appeal. His appeal also attracted donations from the Grand Lodge of England and other jurisdictions in Australasia.

A Bundaberg Regional Council representative stated that the provision of poured rubber soft fall would ensure that future possible flood damage would be lessened as the previously existing poured soft fall received no damage from the flood waters. He said the new soft fall would greatly reduce on-going maintenance to that particular section as chip bark has to be continually topped up, is washed away in heavy downpours, and is fouled by animals.

The photo shows a section of the new poured rubber soft fall with the Masonic symbol, the square and compasses, incorporated in the pour.

Proclamation 2011

The Proclamation Ceremony earlier in the afternoon of Saturday, August 21st, 2011 saw Worshipful Bro. John Rimmington remaining in the Chair as Master of Bundaberg Lodge No. 472 for a consecutive term.  He is shown cutting the cake with his partner, Debbie, at the banquet which was held in the Supper Room at the rear of the Masonic building.  After a successful and enjoyable year in office he won’t be taking it easy this year as the Lodge still has four Passings and five Raisings to carry out, with the possibility of further Candidates.

At the Bundaberg Lodge No. 472 Proclamation banquet, VWBro. Peter DeMerlo AGSW, on behalf of the Worshipful Master, WBro. John Rimmington, officers and brethren of the Lodge,  presented WBro. Bill Kirby PJGD, GPurs (right) with a Life Patron’s jewel, and Bro. Peter Halse with a Life Govenor’s jewel as tokens of esteem from the Lodge for the work they have done for the Lodge above and beyond that required as members.  Both recipients expressed their surprise and delight at receiving the jewels, which, they said, they would wear with pride.

50 Year Jewel Presentation

WBro. Dudley Charles Garrett PJGD was presented with his 50 Year Jewel, gold lapel pin and certificate at the banquet following the Bundaberg Lodge No. 472 Proclamation Ceremony by RWBro. John Dexter PSGW, AGSW, who acted as Asst. Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies for VWBro. Peter DeMerlo (centre).  W Bro. Garrett was Initiated into Bundaberg Lodge on July 17th, 1961 and has been, and still is, a valuable contributing member of the Lodge.  The presentation was witnessed by seventy-four ladies, gentlemen and brethren.  W Bro. Garrett and RW Bro. Dexter have been friends for many years.

Donation to Junior Athelete

On Saturday, November 13th, the Worship Master, W Bro. John Rimmington, presented a cheque for $200-00 to Ms Jessica Heiner to assist in fund raising to send her to New Zealand as one of 10 Qld Junior Athletics Association members picked to represent Queensland in track and field events.  Also in the photo is Jessica's father, Mr. Ross Heiner.

Donation of Foodsafe Containers for Bundaberg Meals-On-Wheels

Bundaberg Meals on Wheels were given 12 months to replace all food storage containers with food grade containers. Quoted prices were beyond the organisations financial means ($10,000-00). VW Bro. Brennan, secretary of Bundaberg Lodge mentioned this predicament to a work colleague who immediately replied that his sister-in-law and her husband owned People in Plastic in Brisbane. The quote received from that organisation amounted to $1,645-08.  An application to the Board of Benevolence for dollar for dollar subsidy was successful and the bulk of the containers were delivered on 02/09/10. Half the amount was raised by Bundaberg Lodge.  The Board of Benevolence offers assistance through it's dollar for dollar subsidy scheme to all Lodges throughout Queensland.  Each Lodge may apply for subsidy to a total of $3,000-00 for each financial year for donations of equipment to worthy causes. Damian Usher, the Chef at Meals On Wheels said the containers were very good quality and he was very pleased with them.

Due to a donation of a prize by a Lodge member, a raffle was run to raise funds to donate to Meals On Wheels and the Salvation Army. The raffle raised $571-15. A motion was moved and seconded in open Lodge to add to this amount from the Lodge's Charity Account . At the Installation Banquet on Saturday, August 21st, The Worshipful Master, W Bro. John Rimmington presented a cheque for $500-00 to W Bro Basil Howard, representing Meals On Wheels. The Salvation Army declined to attend and a cheque for $500-00 was mailed to them. 

Masonic Widows Afternoon Tea 2010

Twenty-nine Freemasons and their ladies, and fourteen Masonic widows attended a Masonic Widows Afternoon Tea at Cafe 1928 in the North Bundaberg Botanical Gardens. The afternoon tea was hosted by Mulgrave Lodge No. 44 and particular thanks must go to the Worshipful Master of Mulgrave Lodge, Worshipful Brother Robert Rechenberg, and his wife Sharon, and to Worshipful Brother Merv King for the effort they put into organising the afternoon. The afternoon tea is now an annual event and includes widows from all the Lodges in District 44, any others able to attend from outside the district are most welcome. Brethren arrange transport for the widows. The message to the widows from W Bro Rechenberg is "don't think about contacting any of the Brethren for help, just do it, we are there to help you". Last year's group photo is also on this web site.

Bundaberg Lodges in action.

Keeley Green, takes delivery of her $3,043-00 special stroller purchased from funds raised by the freemasons of five of the Lodges in the Bundaberg area that were in a position to give funds. A mini hi-fi stereo system donated by Dennis Frame of Ballantyne Lodge and his wife Sandra, was raffled to assist in fund raising, second prize was dinner for two donated by the Bundaberg RSL. The raffle raised $1,143-00 towards the appeal. The five Lodges raised just over $6,000-00 and dollar for dollar subsidy was received from the Masonic Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons, Widows and Orphans Fund. Keeley already had her special tricycle valued at $2,225-00 and we are now waiting on the delivery of her gas operated “stander” valued at $6,656-00 which should be here in late November.

Masonic Widows Afternoon Tea 2009

Twenty seven Masonic widows, freemasons and wives gathered at the Crimson Finch restaurant in
Bundaberg on Saturday afternoon, September 26th for afternoon tea. The afternoon was enjoyed by
all present.

Social Day at the Moore Park Bowls Club

Bundaberg Lodge members and ladies enjoying a day out at Moore Park Bowls Club.

The ladies relaxing between games at Moore Park Bowls Club.

Charity Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Warehouse

Bundaberg Lodge has raised a considerable amount of money for various charities thanks to the generosity of Bunnings Warehouse in coordinating and allowing these sausage sizzles to take place.

L to R - Wor. Bro's Arnold Jensen, Trevor Larcombe, Doug Webster and
Dudley Garrett manning the stall at a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.

50 Year Jewel Presentation

Wor. Bro. Petterson was presented with his 50 Year Jewel and 9ct gold lapel pin by VW Bro. Brennan at the Lodge meeting on 21/04/2008. The jewel and lapel pin are provided by the United Grand Lodge of Queensland in recognition of fifty years continuous membership as a Freemason.

L to R - Wor. Bro's Bill Kirby (Worshipful Master), Frank Petterson (Organist)
and VW Bro. Bevan Brennan (Assistant Grand Superintendent of Workings).

2008 Installation Banquet

Some of the members and visitors present at the Bundaberg Lodge Installation Banquet on 16/08/2008.
The Banquet was held in the supper room at the rear of the Masonic Centre.

L to R - V Wor Bro Allan Waldock, Jan Clarke (obscured), Rt Wor Bro Ian Clarke, V Wor Bro Ross Stewart (partly obscured)
Dep Grand Director of Ceremonies, Rt Wor Bro Col Mander AGM, V Wor Bro Alf McCloskey Worshipful Master, Dot McCloskey,
Wor Bro Bill Kirby Immediate Past Master, Jan Kirby (partly obscured), Thelma Bartlett and Wor Bro Ced Bartlett
Director of Ceremonies at the Installation Banquet top table. This is V Wor Bro McCloskey's fourth term as Master of Bundaberg Lodge.

L to R - Wor Bro Merv Johnston, Worshipful Master of Tyrian Lodge No 27,
the Assistant Grand Master (AGM), Rt Wor Bro Col Mander, and
Wor Bro Alf McCloskey, Worshipful Master of Bundaberg Lodge.

L to R - Jan Jensen, the Assistant Grand Master (AGM)
Rt Wor Bro Col Mander, and Barbra Webster.

At the Bundaberg Lodge Installation Banquet on 16/08/2008, the AGM was presented with cheques for $250 and $1,000 respectively by Wor Bro's Johnston and McCloskey. The cheques will go to the Board of Benevolence to assist in the recovery of costs of the purchase of a $300,000 deconvolution microscope for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

The very strong and active Bundaberg Lodge Ladies Committee matched their menfolk at the Installation Banquet and also presented the AGM with a cheque for $1,000 towards the deconvolution microscope.

Bundaberg Lodge is celebrating its 50 Year Jubilee during 2008.

Officers of Bundaberg Lodge for 2008 - 2009.

L to R - Back row: VW Bro Bevan Brennan (Treasurer), VW Bro Alf McCloskey (Worshipful Master).
Centre row: W Bro Martin Haywood (Secretary), W Bro Gordon Rose (Deputy Director of Ceremonies),
Bro Terry Harris (Junior Deacon), W Bro Don McKewen (Senior Warden),
Bro John Rimmington (Junior Warden), W Bro Doug Webster (Almoner).
Front Row: W Bro Keith Lymer (Worshipful Master, Continuity Lodge No 242), W Bro Frank Petterson (Organist),
W Bro Bill Kirby (Immediate Past Master), W Bro Trevor Larcombe (Chaplain),
W Bro Ced Bartlett (Director of Ceremonies).

Brekky at Bargara

Bundaberg Lodge holds a Brekky at Bargara every three or so months. Visitors are welcome and future dates will be
posted on our web site. Forty-one attended this one on 28/09/2008. Social barbeques throughout each year are
also held at members residences and visitors are always welcome.

Some of the members and visitors at the Brekky at Bargara.

Wor Bro Trevor Larcombe, Jan Jensen, Wor Bro Ced Bartlett and Thelma
Bartlett at the Brekky at Bargara.

L to R - Jenny Petterson, Liz Brennan, and three members of the Bundaberg
Masonic Widows Association at the Brekky at Bargara.


Sixteen of the twenty members, wives and grandchild who attended our Adopt a Road clean up on Sunday,
October 19th. 2nd & 3rd from the left are Kerry and Peter Halse. Peter and Kerry are friends with our
Inner Guard, Bro Terry Kruger and Barbra, and has honoured us by deciding to join Bundaberg Lodge.
Following each clean up, a barbeque lunch is held at the Hinkler Lions Park in University Drive.

Bundaberg Lodge’s Adopt A Road clean ups continued with the September clean up held on Sunday 27th. Several apologies for the day were tendered. Present were L to R: Bevan Brennan, Candidate for Initiation Chris Black, his wife Lea, Dot McCloskey (standing), Kerry Halse on Peter Halses’ lap, Joss and Dudley Garret and Don McKewen our Worshipful Master.

ADOPT-a-ROAD is a community-based program of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council (Qld) Inc (KABCQ). The objectives of Adopt-a-Road are to provide a safe, enjoyable and educational roadside program that will provide local communities with an opportunity to contribute to a healthier and cleaner roadside environment.

Bundaberg Lodge carries out a clean up of the two kilometre section of the Isis Highway from the Airport turnoff to Highway Wreckers on the Sunday before the 3rd Monday in March, June, September and December. We were unable to meet the commitment in September so were a month late on this last clean up.

The clean ups are carried out by Bundaberg Lodge No 472 as a Community Service under the Adopt-a-Road program, in conjunction with the Queensland Government Department of Main Roads and the Local Government Authority, which is now the Bundaberg Regional Council. Once Bundaberg Lodges' submission and safety plan were approved by KABCQ, RoadTek carried out the erection of two 900mm x 600mm reflective blue signs recognizing Bundaberg Lodges' involvement in the program. One is situated just past the Airport turnoff near the 80 kph sign, and the other just past, and on the city side of the Highway Wreckers.

Bundaberg Lodge has been conducting these quarterly clean ups since around 2000.

Wanted Photos of Bundaberg Lodge.

If you have any photos of things or events that the Lodge has done / participated in and dont mind sharing please forward them to or the Secretary.